Advantages of drum loader

Advantages of drum loader

1.Wide range of uses, no barrels, no moving: whether it is a barrel of any material, a metal barrel, or a fiberboard barrel; a closed barrel, an open barrel, or a reinforced wall thickness barrel; regardless of any barreled materials, liquid materials such as water and lubricant barrel trucks , Solid materials such as chemical raw materials and plastic particles can be handled.

2. Dual use for one barrel: dissolve the two functions of handling and pouring oil into one.

3. Long life and quick return: the fixture series is designed and manufactured, Parrot-Beak grips are made of alloy steel, the key components are heat treated, and the selection of return springs has passed the fatigue life test. According to the usage statistics of the US market, the average service life of the fixture is more than 12 years. The use of fixtures can greatly improve operating efficiency and reduce handling costs.

4. Single barrel chuck, self-locking is safe and reliable: the clamp adopts Parrot Beak chuck designed according to the principle of mechanical connecting rod locking mechanism to grab the bucket load. This design not only effectively protects the intact edge of the oil drum, but also greatly improves the safety and reliability of drum handling.

5. Convenient operation and improved efficiency: From the perspective of ergonomics, the fixture is a simple bucket lifting tool. The operator will easily see the material in the bucket without training.

6. Universal application and wide popularity: According to incomplete statistics, since 1997, more than 10,000 oil tanker truck products have been used around the world and won the trust of users.