Advantages of mini self-propelled scissor lift

1. Quiet

This series of products all use high-efficiency battery power sources, pollution-free five-row houses, low-noise electric pumps, and can be used even in areas with high environmental requirements, such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.

2. Flexible operation

This series of products adopts full-scale handle control, whether it is lifting or walking, all are realized on the handle control, and the operation is simple and quick.

The zero-angle turning inner radius allows users to use it in a narrow space, and it is also convenient to change positions.

This series has two walking speeds to ensure that the equipment moves quickly and moves safely when ascending.

The platforms are all equipped with extended platforms, making it easier for operations to approach the construction site and breaking through the space barriers.

3. Convenient maintenance

Fully consider the convenience of maintenance in daily work, this series of products are all equipped with a fault diagnosis system, allowing users to find the fault point in the first time, door-type control box and battery box, allowing maintenance personnel to quickly and easily approach the repair point. Easy to replace parts.

The scissor arm repair bracket allows users to easily inspect and repair the arm system without the aid of lifting equipment.


1. Platform revolving door

Rotating platform allows greater access space, no longer restricted by guardrails

2. Folding platform bar

The foldable platform bar allows the equipment to easily pass through standard doorways when moving in the work area

3. Standard detachable platform blue

The detachable platform bar, which is standard configuration for users, makes it more convenient for users to transport and pass through doorways.

4. Lockable key sliding door

  The lockable key sliding door can protect non-equipment custodians from misoperation, etc. It is especially suitable for the protection of electrical components when the equipment is rented by the leasing company.

5. Maintenance-free battery

The equipped maintenance-free battery greatly reduces the workload of daily maintenance and reduces the loss caused by forgotten maintenance.

6. Flashing warning lights

Yellow double-flashing warning lights in areas with complex environments can be cleaned around the body and construction workers pay attention to avoid

7. Driving warning and car horn

When the vehicle is driving, it can be equipped with driving alarm and horn to avoid people around the body

8. Anti-collision system

The user can choose to install an anti-collision system on the equipment to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

9. Head protection automatic stop system

  The self-stop device can ensure that equipment operators are not exposed to the danger of collision when they reach the top of the sky