Application of the joint mobile dock ramp

Recently mobile dock ramp is becoming more and more popular in warehouse, wharf, logistics center, factory, and other working places, it can save much labor force and improve work efficiency.

However, there is another problem following, one 40ft container can load 2 units a time due to the large dimensions(11m*2.08m*1.3m), so many customers have to stop the order due to the high shipping cost.

Providing this, our engineers have been designing a new type for easy shipment as below.

The joint ramp consists of three parts, each part can be assembled and disassembled easily.

1. Total dimensions: 4558mm+3504mm+3000mm

2. Self-weight:

Part 1: 840kg

Part 2: 855kg

Part 3: 970kg

3. The angle of inclination≤9°

4. Load capacity: 6500kg

5. Self height: 1270mm

6. Guardrail: 200mm

8.Working range: 1300-1700mm