Car lift note the use and safe operation

For safe operation: 1 before using, hamper operations in the vicinity of appliances and other debris should be cleared, and check whether the operation correctly, Land Rover 4S store in Beijing. Sensitive operation, 2 effective hydraulic system creep phenomenon are not allowed. 3, when four horns should be on the same plane, adjust the angle support pad height so that it contacts the vehicle chassis. 4, when vehicle is not too high, up four bracket to lock, Audi 4S store in Beijing. 5, after the lifting vehicles, lift supports block adjustment should be moved on the lifting points provided for in the model, Audi 4S store in Beijing. 6, when the lift personnel should leave the vehicle, give rise to the required height, you must insert the lock pins, and ensure safe and reliable operation can be started under the car. 7, with the exception of BPL and repair projects, other cumbersome and bulky job that should not be on the lifting operation to repair. 8, a lifting device shall not frequent ups and downs. 9, car lift to steady down slower. 10, when lift lifting machine is strictly prohibited. 11, found that operator not working, motor out of sync and bays rough or hydraulic parts should be repaired in a timely manner, and shall not take action. 12, operation debris removal, clean around the lift to keep the venues clean and tidy. 13, regular (six months) excluding water lifting cylinder and check oil and oil is enough to make a timely raise the pressure oil of the same designation. While checking the lubrication, lift the drive gears and joints.