Characters of mini self-propelled scissor lift

Emergency stop button emergency protection function, lifting platform and chassis are equipped with control system and emergency stop press saw respectively, which increase the safety of equipment use

• On-board self-checking and alarm system, real-time reflection of equipment usage status, battery power information, and dangerous working conditions such as ground pits, lifting inclines, abnormal lifting, etc., and alarm in time

• The pit-protection safety baffle system of the flipping mechanism and screw rod lock system technology more effectively protects the safety of the operators

• Platform AC power input and emergency manual; the chassis is equipped with emergency manual lowering lever and forklift plug-in interface

• The working platform is equipped with AC power sockets; it provides convenience for the high-altitude workers to use electric tools, welding equipment, etc.

• Safety instructions and instructions for use labels: provide users with more user-friendly operation convenience

• Non-slip foot pads on the working platform: increase the safety of the staff on the platform

• Charging indicator: Effectively indicate the charging status of the device and realize fault alarm

• Ground control: the staff can realize the lifting function of the equipment on the ground

• The work platform guardrail and the protective chain at the platform entrance designed in accordance with international safety standards can effectively ensure the safety of high-altitude operations

• Low retraction height ensures free entry and exit of various standard doors and elevators, and the radius ensures free operation in a small space. The weight is light and compact, which is convenient for transportation and displacement, and improves work efficiency.