Characters of mobile scissor lift

The characteristics of the mobile lift produced by our factory: The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength manganese steel with huge shape control. Equipped with safety shield installation to avoid the lift. Equipped with emergency landing installation under power outage conditions. This product is practically used in the installation of ground equipment in various industries. According to different requirements, different energy situations can be selected (such as: three-phase switching power supply, single-phase switching power supply, DC power supply and internal combustion energy, etc.), plus manual hydraulic installation, scissor lift platform 500kg, it can be used in power failure or no power supply. For lifting tasks, a telescopic platform and a scissor aerial work platform can be added, which can be extended to the required position when the length of the platform is short. The scissor lift is 300 kilograms to improve the efficiency of the task. It is a fantasy equipment product for modern short construction and equipment, and it is a safe and civilized consumer on the ground.