characters of stationary scissor lift table

  1. Applicable places:

   High-altitude cargo transportation in workshops, warehouses, automobile 4S stores, high-altitude transportation vehicles in car parks, construction sites, workshops, warehouses, grain depots, stations, hotels, airports, docks, gas stations, sports plants, overhead pipelines, and other high-altitude cargo transportation and high-altitude operations Both indoor and outdoor can be installed.

2. Features:

(1) High space cargo-loaded fixed elevator, compact and stable structure, safe and reliable, can adapt to high-frequency continuous operation.

(2) The height of the lift is stable, which can meet the smooth lifting of large tonnage cargo. It is equipped with a hydraulic system with anti-attachment and overload safety protection to ensure safe operation.

(3) The ascent and descent processes are uniform and stable.

(4) Compact structure, concise appearance, flexible and convenient maintenance and use.

(5) The rated load is significant, which effectively improves work efficiency.

(6) It adopts Italian joint venture pump station group, with low noise and long service life.

(7) A wide range of optional accessories can meet customer needs in all directions.

(8) Clean and pollution-free, which is conducive to environmental maintenance.