high end towable boom lift

high end towable boom lift 

This product TBL-A series is one of our main products now, because of its excellent performance ability, ultra-low error rate and precision machine assembly. This makes the product one of the most excellent products in terms of both working performance and performance. The main components of our product are world famous brands.

Retractor Introduction

Brand: German AL-KO

Function Introduction: When tractor brake, hitch ball will push the connection part and then pull the brake wire to make boom lift brake. 

Connection Part: Connect tractor with boom lift by hitch ball.

Manual Brake:When boom lift stop moving and start working, pull the manual brake up.

Balance Wheel: Rubber Material, When boom lift stop moving and not working, balance wheel work as a support leg. Balance wheels heights can be adjusted.

Brake Wire: Connect retractor with the assembled chasis.

Waterproof Battery Box

Lead Acid Battery

4 Pieces in Series

One Piece is 6V


Total Capacity:230Ah

Equipped with 24V intelligent charger

Need to add distilled water regularly

Fully charged support 8 hours intermittent working