How to maintainence the mobile scissor lift

Recently, the mobile scissor lift is very popular, which is mainly used for maintenance, painting, cleaning and so on. We have three kind power is for optional, electricity, battery, and diesel engine, according to your requirement, we can recommend suitable for you.

When you operate the lifter, some matters need attention. The information is as follows:

1 During working, the working table should maintain horizontal and strut fork group is perpendicular to the earth

2 Working in the open air, platform work height greater than or equal to 16 meters or sharp greater than or equal to the 5-level wind, the platform should take safety rope.

3 In the course of working, climbing is strictly prohibited.

4 Legs not staying in jail, working is prohibited.

5 The platform not falling back to the original height, the movement is prohibited.

6 Non-Super high and non-Super load operation.

7 Prohibit the movement of goods in the course of platform lifting when loading goods.

8 Prohibit moving and wobbling in the course of platform lifting when loading persons.

9 Hydraulic oil should be kept clean and must not be mixed with water and other impurities.

10 When the platform fails to work, you should promptly cut off the power source.

11 Sick equipment operation is prohibited. Non-professional person shall not remove, adjust the

hydraulic valve block and electrical components.

12 When device requires maintenance, it should be carried out after the platform raising.