how to select a towable spider boom lift

how to select a towable spider  boom lift

Trailer boom lift as the cheap aerial work platform, more and more clients choose the trialing boom lift in China. In order to help you find the good trailer boom lift and manufacturer, we list some suggestion as follows

1. Choose the boom lift. please kindly confirm the boom lift have the safety parts? Does the trailer boom lift supplier could produce the boom lift according to your requirements?

2. Choose the trailer boom lift manufacturer. Could the trailer boom lift manufacturer supply the good service, such as if the trailer boom lift occurs the problem during the work, how to solve this problem?

As the professional trailer boom lift manufacture, we could produce multiple kind lift power trailer mounted boom lift, battery, electric, petrol, diesel, and dual power engine. With the emergency decline and level sensor, and trailing system are imported from Italy.

Because many trailer mounted boom lift is used outdoor, so we recommend the petrol engine power trailer boom lift. Lift height from 10-20m. Petrol engine brand Honda from Japan. 

14m Petrol engine trailer boom lift