Our car lift rich product line, is divided into three main categories: pneumatic type, mechanical, hydraulic, hydraulic type is most widely used, followed by mechanical, pneumatic at least. A large range of products selected, Foundation, lifts, Scissor, parallelogram type, flat bed, portable, single column, mother-son, four-column, double column, drive, contact the frame, symmetric, asymmetric, small stroke, high lift, queue multiple functions such as forms of lift.

Mechanical lift is popular in 1992-1998, single-motor driven screw drive lift and double-motor driving the screw drive lift two types, due to mechanical wear and maintenance costs are high, often mother Gong and bearing needs to be replaced, every year a lift maintenance and replacement requires 1000 Yuan or so. Hydraulic lift single cylinder lift, twin-cylinder lift two cylinder service life for the 5-10, with good safety performance, long maintenance intervals, and high efficiency. Single cylinder hydraulic lift rose machine synchronization sex good, not exists bumps phenomenon, with thick floor, lift rose machine have torque by floor offset, easy adjustable flat, machine security good, even is Foundation poor of place also can normal work, double cylinder lift rose machine and is divided into gantry type lift rose machine and thin floor lift rose machine, due to is double cylinder, synchronization problem to solution, often by two root wire rope to balance, oil cylinder and wire rope to adjustment have elastic consistent, lift rose machine only can synchronization, so market share less.

Mainstream model is widely used at this stage to lift two column, market share is about 60%-70%, this design is popular, is easy to install, does not require extensive excavation, nor does it need to make permanent changes to the Depot's overall layout. Second, use humane, the lift arms and touch the pad layout, makes maintenance easy access across the bottom of the car, vehicle maintenance operations, can be used for almost all car maintenance. Therefore, almost all the major lift manufacturers have to produce at least a two-column lift models.