Lifting platforms each month maintenance measures

Lifting platforms each month maintenance measures

Lifting platform in operation for a long time, or another problem may occur, which you need to do some maintenance staff, the only way to extend the life of the machine. here I share with you lifting platform on the matters that require maintenance every month.

Lift hydraulic oil color dark, oily sticky when you have gravel and other foreign bodies or oils, hydraulic oils should be replaced as soon as possible.

Inspection, intermediate shaft and lift the wheel bearings, cylinder pin shafts and bearings, arm pivot shaft and bearing lubrication and wear.

Finally lifts the hydraulic oil and oil level is checked, when lifting platform rose to the highest, the hydraulic oil level should be above the tank bottom 40 to 50 mm.

Lift maintenance, staff working in the platform must hang the lift and prevent lift platform suddenly fall causing injury.