Scissor lift characteristics

1. scissors hidden flat structure for easy tire removal and chassis repair. 2. the starting height of 105mm, without having to dig tank installation. 3. with hydraulic interlock insurance and pipe explosion-proof device, smooth and reliable operation, good synchronism. 4. Italy original hydraulic pump valve, imports of electrical components.

Scissor lift designed for fast repair and quick service and car beauty design, reservoir design does not occupy space used

Shear plate lift: 1 luxury scissors wide slab structure, synchronized superior performance. Level 2, precisely adjustable wheel alignment requirement is fully met. 3, hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic components, equipment operation smooth and reliable. 4, pneumatic double lock and tube explosion-proof structure of insurance dropped open, to ensure safety. 5, clever and unique sliding system, compact platform, also may not dig pits. 6, equipped with a second car guide, optional second lifting trolley. 7, front wheel angle plate (optional) position is adjustable, to fit all models.