Scissor lift machines

Scissor lift is divided into large cut (mother-son), small cut (cut) lift, ultra-thin series lifts, small scissors lift is mainly used in automotive repair and maintenance, safety, ease of operation. After the channel is flat with the ground. Scissor lift out more, are the best with a four wheel alignment equipment, and can be used as vehicle maintenance, tires, chassis repair. Dredging, can also be mounted directly on the ground.

Slim series scissor lifts do not need to dig holes, apply to any repair shop, there are not suitable for installation on the floor two column lifts as well as ordinary four-post lifts and wide contact with the floor of the machine, which can be installed on any floor above you can drive and solve site problems. This type of machine is a mainstream product in the future, large-scale use of this kind of products in foreign countries.

Scissor lifts: 1. beautiful models, double hidden structures, synchronization and superior performance. 2. horizontal precision adjustable, suitable for a variety of high-precision wheel alignment. 3. ease of disassembly of tires and chassis repair. 4. front wheel turntable (optional) adjustable extended rear wheel skateboard. 5. pneumatic double locking insurance and pipe explosion-proof devices, down automatically opens, cheer from extra durable material sliders. 6. import of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components, equipment operation smooth and reliable.