Single mast elevator features

Single mast elevator features:

• Compact, can enter the narrow corridor and elevator;

• Main lifting mast adopts high-strength aluminium alloy extruded profiles, safety and light weight;

• Mast developed between the integral internal slider, the dynamic gap between mast is minimized, taking off and landing run

More stable, reliable, and independent wheel-support structure is far superior to ordinary;

• Lifting chain driven double-chain structure, leaf chains for industrial use, high bearing capacity and safety;-barrier structure for the whole collection

Operation is extremely simple and convenient;

• Hydraulic power unit with integral pump stations, compact structure, reliable performance hydraulic system set the emergency lowering function to prevent power outages and

Accident and emergency operation is simple;

• Equipment control voltage of 24V DC, effectively guarantee the personal safety devices with a residual current protection limit switch, emergency stop switch, electric

Limit switch, button box waterproof design;