The characters of the mobile scissor lift

Four-wheel towable scissor lift

There are many types of mobile elevator products, which can be roughly divided into: traction type, self-propelled type, hand-push type and aluminum alloy type.

Features of Jinquan mobile elevator

1. The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube;

2. Equipped with lifting platform overload hydraulic safety protection system;

3. Equipped with anti-fall safety protection device to prevent pipeline burst;

4. There is a manual control descending valve for emergency descending during power failure;

5. Optional telescopic table can be selected to expand the working range at high altitude;

6. Optional pneumatic tire or solid tire;

7. Optional manual hydraulic pump as lifting power.

8. Optional AC two-phase electricity or three-phase electricity as power.

9. DC battery or diesel motor can be used as power.

Maintenance tips

1. When the equipment is used for about 2 months (according to the actual frequency of use), it is necessary to add grease to the rotating part once;

2. Check the working state of the pin regularly every month. If the pin and screw are loose, they must be tightened to prevent the pin and screw from falling off and causing an accident.

3. The hydraulic oil should be kept clean and replaced every 6 months;

4. When servicing and cleaning the hydraulic lift, be sure to prop up the safety strut.

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