The working principle of scissor lift​

                               The working principle of scissor lift

The scissors lift is to complete the lifting of the cargo platform by the development and folding of the scissor type supporting frame, and its power is to push the development and folding of the scissors through the expansion of the oil cylinder.Due to the telescopic oil cylinder speed is determined by the flow of oil pump, generally in the design of cylinder speed is slow, the rate of 200 mm/min, and connected to the cylinder into the tubing Φ 6 mm diameter.One thousand tubing fracture, the hydraulic oil also can only from Φ 6 mm inlet oil return, so drop speed is very slow, so as not to cause damage and loss.

Lift up and down are smooth movement, even if the tube is broken, hydraulic system without safety self-locking, is also slow down, just waste hydraulic oil.So hydraulic lifting platform is a very safe, low failure rate, low maintenance cost of lifting tools.