truck mounted boom lift

truck mounted boom lift 

ü The boom and the legs are made of low-alloy Q345 profiles, without welds around, beautiful appearance, strong force and high strength;

ü H-type legs have good stability, the legs can be operated at the same time or separately, the operation is flexible, and can adapt to a variety of working conditions;

ü The slewing mechanism adopts adjustable type for easy adjustment;

ü The two-way 360° rotation of the turntable adopts the advanced worm-worm speed reduction mechanism (with self-lubricating and self-locking function), and the later maintenance can also easily achieve the effect by adjusting the bolt position;

ü The on-board operation adopts integrated electric control valve block mode, which has beautiful layout, stable operation and convenient maintenance;

ü Get off and lock on the car, safe and reliable operation;

ü the car operation through the throttle valve to achieve step-less speed regulation;