Car Scissor Lift

Product Details

Scissor Car Lift Description:
Scissor car lift tables are widely used to lift car from first floor to second floor. Or from low level to high levels. It is famous for its strong structure, stable performance, high load capacity and flexible custom size. Car scissor lift table belongs to customized lift tables. In most cases, we make the scissor car lift table as per customers requirement on platform size, load capacity and Max. platform height. Because of the very simple structure, the scissor car lift is much more easier to operate and maintain.

Multi Control Panels at different floors.
Remote control is available
High quality electric motor
Stable pump station
Durable hydraulic cylinder
Stoving varnish surface treatment
Q345 steel raw material

Safety Precautions:
 1. Explosion-proof valves stop the scissor car lift drop suddenly when the pipeline breaks down.
 2. Spillover valve keep the oil pressure stable when scissor car lift overload.
 3. Emergency decline valve will make the scissor car lift low down when power off or other faults.
 4. Overload protection locking device: scissor car lift can't lift when it overload.


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