Stationary Pallet Positioner

Stationary Pallet Positioner
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Stationary Pallet Positioner


Rugged scissor construction, the max. Load capacity can reach 2000kg.

Using spring self-balancing design, make the pallet height always at the most convenient height.

The connecting rod structure is designed to keep the plane level when the load is not uniform.

Equipped with high quality bearings, 360-degree rotating platform enables workers to quickly and quickly pack and assemble their work.

The table equipped with the forklift hole, easy to use forklift mobile,enhance stability of platform base.

No hydraulic or electrical control is required, efficient maintenance cost reduction.

It is widely used in logistics warehouse packaging, workshop packaging, etc.

This Palift Pallet Positioner has a turntable top for rotating the load for easy access.

Pallet Positioners resemble scissor lift tables in appearance. They have a top deck and a base connected by a pair of scissor.

The levelling mechanism is a set of springs set to the weight and height (the density) of the product.

Pallet Positioners work automatically and raise or lower as the weight changes.

Load setting is a simple process and for most users, springs never have to be changed.