14m 16m Hydraulic Electric Towable Small Articulating Boom Lift

There are three control panels on the towable boom lift:
Four support legs control panels
Lifting and Rotating control panel on the body
Lifting and rotating controls on the platform
Operator can control towable boom lift no matter he is on the ground rather than on the platform.
Towable Boom Lift has three kinds of power supply for choice:
Diesel power with diesel engine
Battery power with electric motor
Both diesel power and battery power
It depends on customers preference.

Support Wheel
Four Hydraulic Support Legs
Support Legs Control Handle
Lifting Control Panel on the Body
Diesel Engine
Electric Motor
Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Cylinder
Lifting Control Panel on the Busket

Product Features:
1.360degrees rotation of the arm 
2.Sealing parts use the JapanNOK brand, guarantee that the products run 300,000 times without leakage or damage
3.Cylinder outlet is equipped with automatic shut-off valve
4.Equipped with emergency dropping device
5.The machine has two sets of control system, one on the machine, one on the floor, easy and convenient to operate, safe and flexible
6.The rotating parts are equipped with lubricated bearing and grease cup,flexible rotation without noise  
7.Equipped with sliding track rollers, reducing the rocking and vibration and ensures the smooth up-down
Three kinds of Power: 
Safety Precautions:
1. Explosion-proof valves: protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.
2. Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up. Adjust the pressure.
3. Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency or the power off.
4. Anti-dropping device: Prevent falling of platform

Platform size1100*7001100*7001100*7001100*7001100*700
Lifting height810121416
Working height1012141618
Load capacity200200200200200
Working radius3.545.56.57
Overall Length52005400640068007200
Overall Width16001600180018001800
Overall height19001900220022002400

Trailed Boom Lift Pictures:

 Trailed Boom Lift Detailed Pictures:

Detailed Pictures:

Certificate:ISO and CE

 Our Service:

1.We can design the customerized towable boom lift as per your requirement.
2.The most suitable model will be recommended to you once we know about your requirement.
3.Shipment can be arranged from our port to your destination port.
4.Opetion video can be sent to you if needed.
5.Maintenance video will be given once the towable boom lift break down to help you repair.
6.Parts of towable boom lift can be sent to you by express within 7 days if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.How can customer  buy parts once it break down?
The towable boom lift adopt most of the common parts of hardware.You can buy the parts in your local hardware market.
2.How can customer repair the towable boom lift.
One of the great advantage of the equipment is with very very low failure rate.Even it breaks down,we can guide to repair it by video and repair instruction.
3.How long is the quality guarantee?
One year quality guarantee.If it breask down within one year,we can send the parts free of charge to you.