1ton 2ton 4ton Hydraulic Roller Scissor Lift Platform

1ton 2ton 4ton Hydraulic Roller Scissor Lift Platform

Sinofirst-Hydraulic  Roller Scissor Lift Table is widely used in production line such as wood process factory, food industry and nearly each assembly line. The roller can save much manpower and greatly improve work efficiency. Roller scissor lift table is different with the normal roller platform used in workshop because it can lift up and down freely to make up the height difference in the production line.

Sinofirst Hydraulic Roller Scissor Lift Table Platform Advantages:

1.Standard Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform make it easier to load and unload.

2.High quality Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Platform station make it lift and fall very stably.

3.Anti-pinch scissor design; main pin-roll place adopts self-lubricating design which prolong life span.

4.Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Equipped with aluminum alloy blend-stop under the platform

5.Pressure relief valve prevent overload operation; Flow control valve make   descent speed adjustable.

6.Explosion-proof valve stops platform lowering quickly when pipe bursts.

7.Up to American standard ANSI/ASME and Europe standard EN1570

Sinofirst -Safety Precautions:

1. Explosion-proof valves

2. Spillover valve

3. Emergency decline valve

4. Overload protection locking device.

5. Emergency decline valve

6. Overload protection locking device.