2020 New Arrival! Manned Enclosed Elevator Home Use Lift

New arrived! manned enclosed elevator home use lift


1).Emergency Stop:The lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately

by pressing the emergency button.

2).Safety device:Safety Interlock:Lock the platform when it is out of control

3).Safety Sensor:The operation must be stopped immediately the safety  edge meets obstacles during operation.

4).Emergency lowering:The platform can be lowered by opening hydraulic valve manually or rolling screw rod.

5).Auto-flap:Turn up after lifting



The  lift is a device to transport people from one floor to another, also can delivery heavy goods.It allows user to move freely within a multi-floored building. It is widely used for home, indoor and outdoor of public building.

All of our porch lifts are designed to be completely resistant to the harshest weather conditions and are an affordable alternative to residential elevators.

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