Advantages Of Hydraulic Elevator

Advantages of hydraulic elevator:

Safe and reliable: the host delivery oil lifting rake car rise, car weight with the valve opening, the car natural decline, energy saving and no worry of wire rope wear, the machine pit at the bottom of bear the weight of high bearing on seismic, reliable and safe operation.

Easy load: simple structure, by adjusting the diameter and quantity of the plunger can be safe and easy to lift the weight of 50T.

Easy to install: hydraulic elevator room can be located in the elevator shaft below the computer room with an area of about 2m * 2m. Adequate equipment and installation, maintenance space. Can fully cooperate with the architectural design to reasonable layout.

Can reduce the cost of investment: the top distance (OH) for more than 3.6m can be, and the room can be equipped with the construction of the bomb position, so that the layout of the building more reasonable, beautiful, more embodies the overall values.

Troubleshooting simple peace of mind: hydraulic elevator in power failure or failure of the people can be managed by the simple operation steps, you can rescue personnel.