Aluminum Vertical Mast Lift

                                        Aluminum Vertical Mast Lift

Main Features

➤High strength aluminum alloy, light weight and samll volume, easily pass through narrow space


a. Explosion-proof valve: it will prevent upper platform from dropping suddenly when power cut off or oil tube burst.

b.Emergency lower valve: It can go down by manual control when power off suddenly or any other emergency.

c.Spillover valve: adjust work pressure when aluminum alloy lift platform goes work.

d.Safety guardrail 

➤Control device:

a. Push button box, which may be placed on the platform for the convenience of operation. 

b.Switch box, with emergency stop button for prevention of any accident. 
c. Manual lowering valve
➤Power:AC power or DC power. which is optional as per customer's actual needs.

Single mast aluminum working platform SMA6-1