Application Of Hydraulic Boarding Bridge

Hydraulic boarding bridge is widely used in docks, platforms, warehouses and other places. 

It is suitable for industrial enterprises such as automobiles, containers, mould manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and so on. It has the characteristics of stable and accurate lifting,frequent start-up and heavy load. It can effectively solve the difficulties of various lifting operations in industrial 

enterprises and make production operations easy and comfortable. 

According to the different needs of users, special designs are made in the aspects of shape, size, load bearing, etc. The hydraulic boarding bridge is installed on the side of the cargo platform, which is leveled 

with the surface and side of the cargo platform. The lifting function is mainly realized by hydraulic oil pressure transmission. Its fork-cutting mechanical structure enables the boarding bridge to be lifted with high stability, broad working platform and high load-bearing capacity, so that it can work at high altitude. 

The scope of the industry is larger, suitable for multiple people to work at the same time, so that the hydraulic boarding bridge is more efficient and safe.