Argentina Customer Customised 5000Kg Capacity Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Platform

Customers from Argentina is professional manufacturer of water pump. They faced one problem which has been a big barrier to working efficiency.  SINOFIRST engineer design a special customized hydraulic scissor lift table work platform. The surface of the scissor lift table platform was designed with holes which are used to put water pump.  In this way, when the hydraulic scissor lift table low down, they use forklift to put the water pump on the hole and then operator press the “Up” button to make the electric scissor lift table lift to proper height. Finally, workers can save much power and improve the working efficiency.

Furthermore,  in order to make it much more convenient to control “ Up” and “Down”, SINOFIRT equip the hydraulic scissor lift table with “Foot-step” Control panel. Worker can control up and down by foot very easily.

Customer like the sample very much and decide to order extra 4sets of the same hydraulic scissor lift table.