Cause And Elimination Method When The Lift Platform Does Not Rise



1. The motor control line contactundesirable or line connected reversed which leads to motor reversal.

2. No oil or the oil is not enough in the oil tank

3. Oil absorption filter core is blocked seriously.

4. Solenoid valve  is blocked by dirt and not reset or closed.

5. Solenoid valve and the motor both are power on.

6. The setting voltage pressure of regulating valve  is too low.

7. Gear oil pump is aged or broken.

8. Emergency lowering valve is not closed completely.

9. Mounting screw of the gear oil pump is loose.

10. The joint of gear oil pump and oil suction pipe is loose or leaky.

11. Check valve is choked and could not be opened

Elimination method

1.  Check the electrical circuit and connect it correctly.

2.  Add hydraulic oil

3.  Clean  or  change  oil absorption filter core

4.  Clean the iron core of solenoid valve.

5.  Ensure the connection is correct, when the motor is power on; the solenoid valve

is power off.

6.  Adjust voltage under the scope of allowed motor power.

7.  Change gear oil pump 

8.  Close  the  emergency lowering  valve completely.

9.  Tighten the mounting screw on the gear oil pump

10. Tighten the oil suction pipe

11. Get the check valve off than install it again.