Chile Customer 10 Set Of U Type Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table

Chile customer 10 set of U type Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table


Mr. Guinter has a small paper factory in Peru, and he always wants to find a lifter can help his factory to Improve the production efficiency. And Mr. Guinter found our website from internet and checked all our lift platforms then choose the U type lift table. The lift table is finished now and already passed all tests.


SINOFIRST Brand U type Electric Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table is specially suitable for lifting and loading pallet from production line. Very low net height makes it more convenient to load and unload pallet. If needed, we can make remote control or foot-step control panel for customers.

Very simple structure makes SINOFIRST Brand U type electric hydraulic scissor lift table much easier to operate and maintenance. The failure of the mobile scissor lift is extremely low.

stationary scissor lift 10.jpg

stationary scissor lift 9.jpg