Customized Vacuum Lifter With Suction Caps

Qingdao Sinofirst has two series vacumm lifters for the handling and processing of the glass window & glass doors, steel plate, plastic plate, wooded plates, marbles etc. Please see the follwing brief introduction:

  1. Lift height



2. Load capacity: 

GL-LD: 350KG,600KG,800KG


3. Movements & Applications:

Both used for handling,lifting,moving heavy plate,like glass,marble,steel panel etc.

GL-LD has boom lift,it's much more flexible.The pad frame can turn left/right,up/down.So it's widely used for installing glass wall,windows,doors etc.

GL-HD: it's floor crane type,the pad frame can only up/down 90°。It's more suitable for handling and moving heavy panels,like warehouse.Price is much more economic.

Our vacuum lifters can be customized. Please tell us the required loading capacity, the plate material weight as well as the size, and we can make it to fulfil your working needs.