​Difference Between Rubber Sucker & Sponge Sucker Of The Vacuum Lifter

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Difference between Rubber Sucker & Sponge Sucker

1.Usage are different.

Round rubber sucker is made of rubber. It's only suitable for those whose surface are smooth,like glass,marble,steel plate etc.

Square sponge sucker is made of high strength sponge.Its vacuum pump is enlarged,specially designed for handling different kinds of heavy plate and are widely used for those whose surface are not smooth enough,like marbles,floor slab,ceramic tile,steel board,wooden board etc. 

Sponge suckers are not recommended to lift glass(easy to break the glass because of rugged surface). But the available range of square sucker is wider.

2.The vacuum pump are different.

Rubber sucker motor is 100W,Sponge sucker motor is 500W obviously much more powerful.

3.Swept volume are different

The swept volume of rubber sucker is 30L,while the swept volume of sponge sucker is 200L.

4.Gas tank are different.

According to the different position of different compartments to confirm the capacity. Rubber sucker use small gas tank 0.5L. However,the sponge sucker will use big gas tank 5L~10L.