Electric Vacuum Lifter For Glass Wood

• Dual vacuum system.
• Two vacuum pump
• Visual and audio alarm warning for low level of vacuum pressure
• Point of sucker location easily changeable
• Vacuum line to each suckers could be closed by separately valves
• Adjustable external arms with sucker cups, enabling machine to move large sheet materials
• Hydraulic up/down boom till 53 degree
• Hydraulic rising boom till 2500 mm
• Hydraulic incline suckers head till 180 degree
• Manual rotation of suckers head till 360 degree
• Motorized parallel moving of suckers head left/right till 100 mm
• Motorized driving of truck lifter 0-5 km/h
• Digital voltmeter always showing battery power
• Optional – wireless remote-control

 Maximal lifting capacities
• 400 kg vertical lifting
• 500 kg horizontal lifting

 Vacuum generator system
• Oil service free vacuum pump
• Large capacity Latium Battery
• Inbuilt battery charger

•  (optional by wireless remote-control)