Electric Vertical Hydraulic Elevator Goods Lift

                                    Electric vertical hydraulic elevator goods lift


(1) Multi-point control, interactive interlocking upper and lower floors, safe to operate;

(2) Operation smoothly, low noise and long working life;

(3) Especially used for 2-3 layer plant, can be used inside and outside.





Advantages of products


1). Max load capacity 30 ton 

2). Multi point control, coordinated control system among floors, safe work 

3). Large lifting height, separate oil cylinder or dual side cylinder, stable, low noise, easy maintenance, long life-span 

4). With manual emergency lowering valve and emergency stop button 

5). Suit for 2-6 floors warehouse or buildings, indoor and outdoor 

6). Original imported cylinder and sealing parts


Advantages in installation


1). Machine-room-less elevator upon the shaft, 3m min height requirement for indoor 

2). Small control panels could be put around the lift, no more than 10m far 

3). No counterweight, raising the shaft area utilization ratio 

4). Force acts on the base immediately, low requirement on shaft structure


Advamtages in safety devices


1). Spill valve 

2). Emergency manual valve 

3). Manual pump 

4). Pipeline rupture valve 

5). Overtemperature warning for oil tank


Advantages in low cost


1). Small hazard rate 

2). Less power consumption