Heigh-end Self-propelled Diesel Scissor Lift

Self-propelled Diesel Scissor Lift

Features &Advantages:

1. Strong power: The diesel scissor lift has powerful power, and the four- wheel drive has strong climbing capacity. The scissors lift can shift high and low speeds.

2. Draggable engine tray: The engine is installed on the tray that can be dragged out, which facilitates maintenance and repair.

3. Active Oscillation Axle: Active oscillation axle can perceive the terrain, and can guarantee that the machine can land on four wheel even on uneven road without reducing the driving force.

4. Large working space: The maximum size of platform extended by cylinder forward double direction can reach 6.65*1.83m.

 Outrigger: The hydraulic outriggers can be used to level vehicles in case of operation on uneven ground.