High End Mini Self-propelled Scissor Lift

The hydraulic lifting platform that can travel automatically is divided into a fully self-propelled scissor aerial work platform, and an auxiliary walking scissor aerial work platform, that is, drive wheel type. They are very different in the chassis structure, control handle, and chassis. Big difference. The self-propelled one-piece welded chassis weighs about 1500 kg. The Tic-Tac-Toe frame chassis of the driving wheels weighs about 500 kg. The self-propelled machine has no outriggers. When working, the machine is operated on the platform to move directly to the next working position. When the driving wheel is working, the outriggers need to be unfolded, and when moving, the outriggers are folded, and then pushed to the next position and then tightened.

The core of the technology is that the self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform has a set of balance system, which automatically calculates the lifting height when slopes, and sends out danger warnings to the operator. The number of batteries is 4, and the self-propelled scissor aerial work platform maintains a high work efficiency. It can walk in a lifting posture (the initial setting is 6 meters), that is, the operator does not need to lower the machine to the ground. Control the machine forward and backward, turn and other actions on the platform. Save a lot of time in work efficiency. After the hydraulic lifting platform of the driving wheel is fixed at one point, it must support 4 outriggers before lifting operations. After completion, you must first lower to the ground, put up 4 outriggers, move to the next point, and then support 4 legs, lifting, operation, efficiency is low.