High End Towable Spider Boom Lift

high end towable spider boom lift 

Use Germany ALKO brand brakes with high quality

Use Switzerland Bucher brand DC pump station

Use Japan Honda brand Gas pump station

Use China Famous YSD brand diesel pump station

Use waterproof and dust proof electrical box.Suitable for outdoors working.

Waterproof control pane can be used when raining.

Self Levelling sole for efficient and safety operation

Water proof diesel engine,motor and battery cover

Humanized access hole for daily convenient maintenance

Manual Diesel engine accelerator much more flexible to operate.

Two way cylinders with balance valve and emergency decline switch. Even hydraulic hose rupture, platform will none drop down to guarantee completely safe.

Equipped with basket levelling switch,make adjust basket much more easier.

Equipped with Torsion Shaft with great shock absorption function, which make it better at walking on road.

Hydraulic oil filtration alarm system,remind you replace hydraulic oil when there is impurity in the oil.

Basket and Arm lock system avoid equipment body waggling during transportation.

Humanized Flood lights on platform for working

Equipped with brake lights connected with tractor.

Equipped with caution lights on each legs.

Anti-pinch hand basket.

Equipped with safety harness to protect operator.

Stable Rotary motor,360°rotation.

Wide Horizontal reach from 5m to 10.5m

Max 40Km Working Speed

Multi power for choice,such as AC,DC, AC&DC,Diesel, Gas and so on.

Offer FREE quick wear parts for quick replacement