How To Maintain Sinofirst Hydraulic Loading Bridge?

Monthly maintenance of hydraulic Loading Bridge:

1. Check the lubrication and wear of rollers, bearings and intermediate shafts, cylinder tips 

and bearings.

2. Next, we should pay attention to adding lubricating oil to prolong the service life of 


Year-end maintenance of hydraulic Loading Bridge:

3. Check the connecting parts of the hydraulic Loading Bridge pipeline, the pipeline should be 

replaced immediately if it is damaged; the connecting parts have loose tightening pipe joints.

A. Remove and disassemble the drop valve, clean the spool with compressed air and reinstall it.

B. Get all the hydraulic oil out of the mailbox, open the mailbox, remove the westward travel 

filter, wash it and put it back into the mailbox. Install it in situ, and inject new oil into 

the mailbox.

Daily use standard of hydraulic Loading Bridge:

1. Daily maintenance of hydraulic Loading Bridges should be done according to the regulations. 

When equipment is in trouble, professional maintenance personnel should be sought for the first 

time, so that hydraulic Loading Bridges can not work with diseases, which will affect the 

service life of hydraulic Loading Bridges.

2. Do a good job of windproof and rainproof of the hydraulic Loading Bridge. When the hydraulic 

Loading Bridge is not in use or idle, it is better to put it indoors or cover it with cloth. 

Many enterprises put it in the open air after use, after a long period of wind and sunshine, 

resulting in rust of hydraulic Loading Bridge components, loose welding structure, which is not 

conducive to long-term use.