Hydraulic Cargo Elevator Advantages In The Modern Society

Hydraulic cargo elevator advantages in the modern society

Hydraulic cargo elevator used heavy duty chain drive, wire rope oil insurance, explosion-proof hydraulic cargo elevator with hydraulic tubing, provided with a safety device to prevent overload, there are multiple limit switch protection, equipped with door and power protection devices, equipped with earth-leakage protection devices, with multi-storey interaction chains and hydraulic freight elevator safety factor much higher than ordinary freight elevators;

Hydraulic lift cylinder and chain transmission, less moving parts so maintenance work less than the Scissor hydraulic lift elevators;

Hydraulic cargo lift compact, bearing less than scissor hydraulic, its life much longer than scissor hydraulic freight elevators;

Hydraulic cargo elevator with hydraulic drive, therefore larger loads than hydraulic freight elevator delivery height much taller than hydraulic freight elevators, to dozens of meters, Scissor hydraulic freight elevator and good stability.

Hydraulic cargo elevator down by its own weight and the weight of the goods, so economic than ordinary freight elevator runs; hydraulic freight elevators by PLC programmable controller to realize intelligent control and display, while simple circuits, low failure rate.