Hydraulic Cargo Elevator Structure Characteristic And Use

Hydraulic cargo elevator structure characteristic and use:

Hydraulic elevators are used for cargo lifting hydraulic lifting machinery and equipment using hydraulic cylinder as the primary vehicle through heavy chain and wirerope drive; ensure the absolute safety of machines running; no pit-and-; particularly suitable for renovation of basements, warehouses, the new shelves and so on, iseasy to install and maintain, beautiful, safe, and convenient operation. Dependingon the site conditions.

Need to dig a pit more than 10 cm; ensure access to convenient easy equipment installation and applications. hydraulic cylinders, special heavy chains, wire ropes,multiple protection guarantee the safety of equipment operation and use; no pit directly use ramps; greatly facilitate use of space and equipment installation.

With industrial and commercial of prosperity, logistics technology increasingly displayed out its importance. to meet different of needs; hydraulic freight elevator of type also in constantly increased, its function also increasingly perfect; hydraulic freight elevator application advanced of elevator integrated technology production of lifting freight elevator has up dozens of species; regardless of is from load volume 300-500 kg; also regardless of is drag introduction type also is hydraulic type; are has height of security and reliability; and easy using. series laden lifting ladder can in factory; warehouse, Mall, and supermarket, and airport, and Stations, as well as different places to provide you with a safe, smooth, efficient service.