Hydraulic Elevators Which Considerations

Hydraulic elevators which considerations:

1. Shaft reality: hydraulic lift must be installed in a closed shaft within the environment, well reality determines the final specifications and dimensions of hydraulic freight elevator. Including channel width and depth, pit and plant, and so on.

2. The main parameters of hydraulic elevators, rated load. Manufacture or design of hydraulic lift with capacity (Kg), 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg and other specifications are available, or can be raised non-standard requirements of customers.

3. Hydraulic cargo elevator manufacturing or design the rated speed in m/s, is the main parameter elevator. General speed of 0.25m/s and 0.2m/s, for special circumstances can be designed to a maximum of 0.5M/s.

4. Cabin size. General hydraulic freight elevator car size can be understood as net size and net size, expressed in width * depth * height but the former is more customer use, the latter more hydraulic freight elevator manufacturers use. Because customers consider their efficacy, and hydraulic freight elevator manufacturer enable calculating shaft size is more convenient, customers must confirm their car size which needs to be quoted.

5. Top floor height. Automobile elevator running from bottom-end station to the height of the top end station, this is also very important, because the top floor height must comply with the criteria for national acceptance.

6. Hydraulic freight elevator product requirements, number of stops and the Office door, car door. Have a considerable impact on prices. Customer needs, to accurately communicate with the sales staff.