Hydraulic Goods Cargo Lift

Hydraulic goods cargo lift is mainly used for warehousing, logistics ,industrial ,mining production lines, automotive sales industry ect.It provides a fast,efficient convenient and safe way to transport cargo from one floor to another. This lift is driven by the electric and hydraulic system, lifting up and down along the guide rail.Equipped single side or double sides hydraulic cylinder to keep the lift works smooth and stable. It is installed in the pit or on the ground.The control panels are available both at the needed floorsandthe lift platform, with UP DOWN STOP button.
It is designed according to customer specifications and requirements 
Loading capacity is max 50T


1.The large capacity,can up to 50T,the lifting height can reach 30m
2.Anti-slip pattern plate,good quality anti-falling chains ,wires and bearing,make it 
work smooth and stable,no noise,easy maintenance,long using time
3.Various safety device.such as emergency stop button,anti-explosion valve,overflow valve.
4.can be installed in the pit or on the ground as your choice.