Hydraulic Guide Rail Cargo Lift According To Customers Need To Produce


Hydraulic Guide Rail Cargo lift is mainly applied to cargo transportation up and down between different working floors, it is the best option for places with stereo garage, or two to three-stories underground garage where pits are not allowed, or difficult narrow spaces such as the top height can’t meet the required height. As our cargo lift minimum height is very low, which is suitable for vertical transportation with no lifting point need on top for industrial areas with large capacity, high floor height, and grounds with no pits.

Hydraulic guide rail cargo lift has various working types, including single column, double column, four-column, Unilateral, Bilateral, and multilateral delivery. It makes easy and low-cost floor cargo transportation possible with steady movements, simple operation, and mufti-protection for hydraulic and batteries.

Customers can choose different configurations according to different requirements for installation environment and operation conditions for the most effective using.