Hydraulic Lift If You Are Using Either Does Not Lift It?

Hydraulic lift if you are using either does not lift it?

Yang Jinan vibration analysis of elevator machinery and small series for your:

1, first you have to check that the hydraulic lift tanks is not fully closed. Hydraulic oil if there is no maximum height can lead to insufficient power down, hydraulic lift will not be increased or not up to the maximum height.

2, check whether the tank hydraulic oil hydraulic oil is benign. The hydraulic oil should be replaced once a year, hydraulic oil to use for long wear and pressure decrease and also will lower the pressure, the height of lifts higher standards cannot be achieved.

3 If the problem occurs, check the hydraulic lift system. Either diesel engines or electric power starting system is to achieve the standards required to lift, hydraulic lift conditions will fail to lead to equipment damage.

4, check that the motor is normal, if the motor coil is damaged, there will be a ' false operation ', that the motor runs, but could not achieve the desired effect.