Installation Steps Of Fixed Lifting Platform

Here we mainly talk about the Installation steps of fixed lifting platform,which requested to be installed in the pit.

Firstly, the installation needs digging pits. The pits are the storage sites of fixed lifting platforms. The size and height of the pits are determined by the length, width and height of the lifting platforms. The bottom of the pits is leveled with cement when irrigating, and the embedded parts are embedded in the four corners for the fixed lifting platforms. The four corners of the pits should reach 90 degrees and each side is perpendicular to each other.

Fixed welding, installation personnel weld the bottom four corners of the lifting platform and embedded parts together, so that the lifting platform is firmly placed, to ensure that the lifting platform does not slide when working.

After the lifting platform is fixed, the level of the platform and the ground should be measured to ensure that the lifting platform is on a line or slightly lower than the ground, so that goods can be easily transported to the lifting platform.

Welded track, fixed lifting platform in order to ensure that it does not offset in the course of ascent need additional track, very lifting platform in the track up and down.

Installation of power supply, the last step of installation is to connect the power supply cables to ensure the normal operation of the line. Finally, after the installation of the lifting platform, it needs repeated trial operation, and the installation of the lifting platform will not be completed until the normal operation of the lifting platform.

Above is the installation process of fixed lifting platform and lifting cargo elevator, hoping to be helpful to everyone.