Instruction For Daily Maintenance Of Warehouse Goods Lift Material Lift

Goods Cargo lift is the lifting equipment used in industry warehouse for the cargos and materials transporting vertically. For safety insurance, it is very important to keep the daily maintenance. We have some instructions for you as following:

1. After the job is completed, the freight elevator should be restored to the transport stop state and cut off the power supply.


2. Prevent rain erosion.


3. The design should be operated and maintained by special personnel.


4. Regularly inspect the lubrication of the hinges, add lubricating oil in time, and prevent friction.


5, the pin should be often refueled, keep the lubrication, often check the bolt fixing point,if loose, tighten the bolt can be used normally.


6. Newly-launched freight elevators should be replaced with hydraulic oil for the first time in full 2 months. Afterwards, the hydraulic oil can be replaced as soon as possible. The oiling  appliances  should  be  clean  and  the  oil  pump  suction  network  should  be  regularly cleaned. Hydraulic oil is generally replaced every six months. Use anti-wear hydraulic oil N32 in winter and hydraulic oil in pit N46 in summer.

7、If  you  found that  oil  leakage occurs in  the cylinder and  the seal  ring should  be replaced in time.


8.When replacing hydraulic components, the components should be cleaned, and for the parts  that  cannot  be  assembled  temporarily  should  be  blocked,  to  prevent  collision  and sundries entering the oil road system.


9. It is strictly forbidden to use cotton and other fabrics that are easy to fall off when cleaning hydraulic components.