Jordan Customers 20sets 2000Kg Capacity Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Platform

On Nov.,1th, Jordan customer Robin and his colleagues come to visit SINOFIRST facotry to see the production process and quality control of hydraulic scissor lift table platform. Robin is very interested in the scissor lift table with 2000Kg capaicty. Firstly, they visit the shot blasting workshop,which covers nearly 500 squares with four shot blasting machine. This machine is used to remove the rust on the surface of the steel material. Furthemore, it will make the surface of the steel very smooth so as to increase the adhisive power between the paint and steel surface greatly.As a result, the scissor lift table's anti-corrossion function will be very great. 

Then we take cutsomers to the Baking Finish House. This special painting technology guarantee the scissor lift table will not be corroded easily even in damp envoironment. 

Robin is very very satified with our manufacturing technology. And test the product by himselve. Robin make a joke and said the surface of our platform is same to a mirror. 

Without any doubts, he placed 20sets order for scissor lift table for the start. He promised that new orders will come soon.