Lifting The Freight Elevator Down Power Failure How To?

Power outages are commonly encountered problems in life, often gave rise to problems. Such as lifting the freight elevator. Due to lift freight elevator motors, so electricity is playing is not available. Especially manned cargo work power, we tend to be more helpless, and dealing with bad accidents can occur. Many customers do not know how to solve this problem in production equipment in order to prevent the occurrence of the accident when, early equipment inside the protective device. Yang lifting machinery, we Jinan vibration below introduce how to bring down the elevator in the power state. 1, lifting the freight elevator rises in State power, was stopped at the original location, will not fall, that is in itself a protection, in order to prevent accidents and lead to rapid lift's descent. 2, manned and loaded but if encountered when power outages. Are people in space and I can't get down. When we design adds a manual pressure relief valve, to prevent this from happening. Of course, if you are using a button failure occurs, you can also use this button. The button next to the hydraulic tank, because of the different models are not the same. If you do not understand, you can call our phone to understand. With this protection will enable the risk is greatly reduced. So you can read this information to avoid accidents when panicked.