Maintenance Of Guide Rail Lifting Platform

When hydraulic oil enters the hydraulic system, cleaning is the primary problem. To prevent dirt and other impurities from entering the system, even small particles can scratch valves, block oil pumps, and block orifices, thereby causing equipment wear and tear. 

Following are the following points for the maintenance guidance of the hydraulic system of the guideway lifting platform by the Qingdao Sinofirst lift manufacturer:

Guide rail lifting platform

1. Keeping the Hydraulic System Clean

Regular replacement of oil and filters. Good hydraulic oils contain a variety of additives that prevent oil from deteriorating or clogging system parts. However, these additives will be ineffective after a period of time. Therefore, oil should be replaced regularly to ensure that additives play a role. The filter can only absorb a limited amount of dirt particles and other impurities from the oil. Replace the filters according to the recommended cycle to keep the system clean.

2. Keep Hydraulic Oil Clean

Store the hydraulic oil in a clean place, and be careful when changing or refueling. Only clean funnels equipped with fine mesh filters can be used to pour oil from containers into tanks. Of course, the type of oil you use should also be recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

3. Delivery and refueling

Regular discharge of water and sediment in the tank is very important to remove impurities in the oil, and regular discharge of the entire hydraulic system is also very important. This is the only reliable way to completely remove system impurities, oxidized hydraulic oil and other harmful substances. Then clean hydraulic oil is added to the system.

4. Cleaning

If the oil is completely contaminated, especially when the pump is damaged, the oil in the tank must be cleaned. Through the oil cleaning device, the oil flows until the oil pollution index shows that the hydraulic oil is in a qualified state.

5. Keep the working area clean

1). When refueling or reinjecting oil into the tank, make sure that the area around the filter cover is clean. Use only clean oil and funnels or containers. Never bring dirt into the system - only clean oil.

2). When maintaining the hydraulic system of the guideway lifting platform, the clean plastic stuffing head is used to seal the end of the pipeline.

3). Keep the tools and workbench clean while maintaining the hydraulic components of the guideway lifting platform.

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