Mobile Container Ramp Safety

1In order to improve the loading and unloading cargoes, many people select the dock ramp for loading cargoes to truck or container. Why some supplier supply the lower price, and why some suppliers quoted a higher price, which one is better, are you still confused? Our mobile dock ramp advantage as follows:

1. Block before and back from the solid tire, it will prevent the mobile dock move during working, which protects the cargoes and forklift during loading/unloading cargoes.

2. Solid tire, tire of all the dock ramp from our company are solid kind. If the air kind, the ramp after loading, the tire may be burst.

3. Lift chain, the chain will be contacted on the truck, it will be fixed the ramp well.

4.Trailing device, if you would not like tow the ramp by hand, we could trail the ramp by truck, and the trailing device is safety.