Mobile Lift Platform Hydraulic System Common Troubles And Maintenance

Mobile lifting platforms using qualified and reliable operation of hydraulic oil in hydraulic system guarantees proper protection is the reliable operation of the hydraulic system. To this end.

, Prevent solids mixed with hydraulic system

Mobile lift table hydraulic system has many fine parts, some in damp holes, cracks, etc. Solid impurities will form a fine pair of aggression if pulled, card issuers, oil block, endanger the safe operation of hydraulic systems. Usually solid impurities invasion path of hydraulic system: hydraulic oil impurity; come on unclean things; refuels and repairs, maintenance are not careful; scaling for hydraulic components.

Of the two, pick the right hydraulic oil

Mobile lifting platforms pass plays of hydraulic oil in hydraulic system pressure, smooth, cooling, sealing effect, hydraulic system of hydraulic oil is not appropriate is the early problems and durability of the primary reasons for the decline. Random rules trademarks in the manual selection of hydraulic oil, special needs when you use alternative sources of oil, should strive to function the same as original trademark function. Hydraulic oils can't mix different trademarks to prevent chemical reactions, changes in function of hydraulic oil. Dark Brown, white, odorous oil is changing oil, cannot be used.